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PPM 300 software update is out now!

DEIF's PPM 300 Protection & Power Management has been updated to comprise a wide range of new features.

PPM 300 Software update is out

DEIF’s PPM 300 Protection & Power Management has been updated to comprise a wide range of new features.

DEIF’s PPM 300 Protection & Power Management, a versatile, intelligent controller platform for power management and generator control, has been updated to include a long range of new features and add-ons.

Flexible module configuration

Add or remove modules to fit your project need and optimise the cost. 

New governor and AVR Module - GAM 3.2

The new module can function as a stand-alone in case the rack power supply fails, or main processor is down. 

New I/O Module - IOM 3.4

You can have more digital input and output in one module: 12 transistor outputs, and 16 digital inputs. All I/O’s are configurable.

CustomLogic improvements

Alarms and analogue value are implemented in custom logic. You can program powerful logic and save input/outputs and external relays.

Improved handling of emergency diesel generators

Synchronise your emergency diesel generator without governor interface.

Running hours priority

The power management system ensures average running hours of all diesel generators which saves you time and costs for service. Additionally, your operator no longer needs to check the running hours and manually change the priority of the diesel generators.

Backup and restore improvement

The controller has an integrated SD card, so you can actually do a backup and restore the controller without a PC.  

Multiple controller backup and restore is a time-saving feature enabling you to backup and restore all controllers on a vessel in one time.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Synchronise the time automatically on all to controllers at once. 

Customisable live view

Customisable live views enable you to display only the information you find relevant. 

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