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The AGC 150 Hybrid is designed for protection and control of a hybrid installation with PV energy and genset.

AGC 150 hybrid application

The AGC 150 Hybrid comes with all the necessary functions for protection and control of a hybrid installation with PV and genset. The controller is ideal for small and medium PV plants with up to 16 inverters, e.g. rooftop PV plants. 

When mounted on the genset, the AGC 150 Hybrid controls the PV power and functions as a dedicated hybrid controller. The AGC 150 can also be applied as a stand-alone controller, interlinking the PV inverters and genset controller.

The AGC 150 Hybrid controls up to 2 gensets for synchronising or non-synchronising projects, in island or parallel to the mains modes. The AGC 150 Hybrid handles the power production from the PV inverters and genset to give the highest PV penetration and the lowest CO2 emission.

To ensure a sufficient minimum genset load, the AGC 150 Hybrid supports the load with PV power in a safe an and reliable way.

AGC 150: Easy and safe to use

Get access to important genset information quickly via the sunlight readable LCD.

The controller features illuminated buttons that smoothly guide the operator and make it very easy and intuitive to operate. Only buttons relevant for a function are visible to the user. Get easy access to the most common functions with configurable shortcuts.

The AGC 150 provides up to three levels (customer, service, and master) of password-protected and role-based access. Configure parameters for each level and have only relevant settings displayed.

AGC 150: Built to last – also in green energy applications

The AGC 150 comes with uncompromising quality. The controller is made of robust materials and is built to last. It has undergone several tests showing that it stands wear and tear in all types of harsh environments. 

AGC 150 hybrid - features

  • Minimum Genset load
  • Load calculation in terms of solar power
  • Genset start/stop based on mains import/export
  • Genset start/stop based on PV production
  • PV included in modes
    • MPE Mains Power export/import
    • LTO Load Take over
    • Fixed Power
    • AMF Automatic Mains Failure
    • Peak Shaving





AGC 150


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